skemdit.sps extension

skemdit.sps – speed up your I/O check More than just a PDF editor

I/O checks are essential for verifying the individual functions of a system, both during commissioning and when troubleshooting as part of maintenance. Our PDF software’s skemdit.sps extension allows you to view the status of input and output bits directly in the circuit diagram and thus reach your goal more quickly. Commissioning engineers can complete the I/O check more promptly and maintenance engineers can localise the faults in a system more efficiently and reduce downtimes.

I/O ceck up to 30% faster 

skemdit.sps allows you to monitor the status of inputs and outputs directly from the circuit diagram, even without PLC knowledge. For example, you can verify how individual sensors are working directly during maintenance. During commissioning, you can complete the I/O check up to 30% faster.

Benefits of skemdit.sps

  • Access to the PLC without programming devices
  • Status of inputs and outputs displayed visually
  • No need to switch between variable table and circuit diagram
  • Testing and documentation of sensors / actuators in a single system

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