skemdit - speed up your electrical revision The PDF software for circuit diagrams

Digitise circuit diagrams permanently

In mechanical and plant engineering, the circuit diagram is the core document for electrical production. Numerous changes and revisions are made to the circuit diagram from the design stage to handover to the customer. These modifications are made at various points, for instance at the external switchgear manufacturer, during factory installation by the fitter or while commissioning is taking place. The design department has the task of collating these changes in order to provide the customer with complete system documentation. Due to the many media disruptions, it is difficult to record these changes correctly and re-import them into the CAE system (e.g. EPLAN, WSCAD or E3.series).

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"Familiarising ourselves with skemdit, its flexibility in dealing with the various CAE programs and the processing of CAE data as an intelligent PDF, made it easier for us to start digitising our processes and is what enabled us to do so in the first place."


Customised solution for users in switchgear construction

Although manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly digitalised, working with circuit diagrams nowadays still means working with paper. Since the electrical circuits are represented in abstract form, conventional PDF tools are not suitable for digitising work on the circuit diagram in a manner that adds value.

This is precisely the problem that skemdit solves. Working with the circuit diagram digitally is facilitated by customised functions. Thus, digitisation using skemdit boosts efficiency in electrical production at last - and does so transparently across the entire value chain. skemdit makes it easier to insert red line changes, mark cables that have already been laid and, above all, to navigate through the circuit diagram - a simple PDF editor tailored to the industry’s needs.

Satisfied users

When does skemdit start to pay off for your company?

The example calculation assumes time savings of two minutes per day, which can be achieved through the integrated search function alone. If you wish to find out what the exact RoI would be for your company, please contact us.

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Benefits for you

skemdit is a PDF software which allows you to edit circuit diagrams digitally. The handling of existing circuit diagrams on paper was taken as the main point of orientation. You can now work digitally on a document throughout the value chain and track all changes quickly and easily. This means you can provide subsequent divisions with an up-to-date diagram in a prompt and reliable manner. Illegible or lost changes on paper are a thing of the past.

  • Work in paperless form
  • Reduced process costs
  • Find changes more quickly
  • Shorter lead times for revisions
  • Assured documentation quality

Interview with Andrew Quenault

Check out our interview with Andrew Quenault (DPA PBSI Connectivity) and Florian Sontowski (b_digital) about skemdit and how to speed up the process of editing circuit diagrams.

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"For reasons of sustainability and interest in digitalisation, skemdit is an ideal tool for our production processes and we cannot imagine working without it at this point."

skemdit offers users added value under various headings

For control cabinet construction

At last, work in circuit diagrams digitally. And in PDF format!

  • Intelligent cross-references – potential tracking easier than ever before
  • Laid cables can be simply ticked off
  • Insert red line changes directly in the PDF

For the test field

Digitise your test report directly in the circuit diagram

  • Digitally documented test stamp – no need to sign the diagram in hard copy any more
  • Tested connections can simply be ticked off
  • Detect input and output bits directly in the circuit diagram using skemdit.sps

For the design

Identify red line changes quickly and easily

  • Edit only the pages containing red line changes
  • Searching for red line pages in a 1,000-page circuit diagram can take up to 3 hours. Save yourself this time
  • Handwritten, sometimes illegible additions or changes are a thing of the past

For the assembly

Grant the entire team access to changes to the circuit diagram

  • Laid cables can be simply ticked off
  • Summarise your team's progress in a single document
  • Changes are digitally documented, meaning you know at all times who made them

For the commissioning

Display input and output bits directly in the circuit diagram

  • Work with the assembly changes directly in the circuit diagram
  • O/K check with no need for a programming device using the skemdit.sps extension
  • Simply tick off checked connections – digitally documented

For the maintenance

Become the master of your changes to the system

  • Changes to the circuit diagram are inserted quickly
  • Detect input and output bits directly in the circuit diagram using skemdit.sps
  • Document changes digitally

For energy suppliers

Maximum flexibility for all diagram types of a utility company

  • PDF standard for all diagrams
  • No need to use CAD for change management
  • Digitisation for all electricians

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