skemdit - speed up your electrical revision The PDF software for circuit diagrams

Digitize circuit diagrams permanently

In mechanical and plant engineering, the circuit diagram is the central document for electrical production. From design to customer handover, the circuit diagram receives a large number of changes and revisions. Those At the external switchgear manufacturer, during factory installation or during commissioning. The task of the design department is to collate Due to the large number of media breaks, it is difficult to record these changes correctly and to import them back into the CAE system (for example EPLAN, WSCAD or E3.series).

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Satisfied users

Tailored solution for the user in switchgear construction

Although today's manufacturing processes are becoming more and more digitalized, in 2022 working with the circuit diagram still means working with paper. Due to the abstract representation of the electrical circuits, conventional PDF tools are not suitable for digitizing the work with the circuit diagram in a value-added way.

skemdit solves exactly this problem. Customised functions facilitate digital work with the circuit diagram. Digitalisation with skemdit thus also finally brings an increase in efficiency to electrical production - and transparently across the entire value chain. skemdit facilitates the insertion of redline changes, the marking of lines that have already been laid and, above all, the navigation through the circuit diagram - simply a PDF editor, tailored to the needs of the industry.

Your advantages

skemdit is a PDF software with which you can digitally edit circuit diagrams. We have oriented ourselves in particular to the handling of existing circuit diagrams on paper. You now have the possibility to work digitally on a document throughout the entire value chain and to track all changes quickly and easily. This means you can provide subsequent trades with an up-to-date plan quickly and securely. Unreadable or lost changes on paper are now a thing of the past.

  • Paperless working
  • Reduced process costs
  • Find changes faster
  • Shorter turnaround times for revisions
  • Assured documentation quality

skemdit offers users different added values

For control cabinet construction

Finally work digitally in the circuit diagram. And that on a PDF basis!

  • Intelligent cross-reference - potential tracing easier than ever before
  • Simple ticking off of wires that have already been installed
  • Insert redline changes directly in the PDF

For the quality department

Digitise your test protocol, directly in the circuit diagram!

  • Digitally documented inspection stamp - no more signature required on the paper plan
  • Simple ticking off of tested connections
  • Detect input and output bits directly in the circiut diagram with skemdit.plc

For engineering department

Identify redline changes quickly and easily!

  • Only edit the pages that have redline changes.
  • Searching for redline pages in a 1,000-page circout diagram takes up to 3 hours. Save yourself this time
  • Handwritten, sometimes unreadable additions or changes are a thing of the past

For the job site

Make changes in the circuit diagram accessible to the entire team! 

  • Easily tick off lines that have already been laid
  • Summarise the progress of your team in one document
  • Know who made changes at any time through digitally documented changes

For commissioning

Display input and output bit directly in the circuit diagram!

  • Work directly with the assembly changes in the circiut diagram
  • I/O check without programming device with the skemdit.plc extension
  • Simply tick off checked connections - digitally documented

For maintenance

Become the master of your changes to the machine!

  • Quick insertion of changes in the circiut diagram
  • Detect input and output bits directly on the schematic with skemdit.plc
  • Document changes digitally

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